Tuesday, 27 October 2015

My egg friend race

Have you ever had a crazy teacher well I do. On wednesday 21st he made us  do an egg race. If you haven't had an egg race I will tell you the story.

We had an egg race we got to name our own egg. My egg friend name was oscar. When it was going to start I was nervous to play.

First we got to design our own egg friend. Then we carried it all the way to the park. Our teacher said to us sit down then he gave us an spoon. We put our egg friend on the spoon. When the race begun first we had  to go under 1 thing and over 4 things. It was really fun. I didn’t drop my egg.

When the race was over we went back to class but it was raining so we got wet. Some people’s egg died but it was still a fun day.

Then it was home time our teacher Mr bax said that we could take our egg friend home. My favourite thing was racing other people with my egg friend. M

1 comment:

  1. Well done Mereana. This is a very good story. What has happened to your egg now? Did you eat your friend? I hope not!
    Mr Baxendine