Friday, 15 April 2016

My fiafia writing.

Fiafia is here! Last week on Thursday we had a fiafia at Pt England School. Mr Burt  and some of his  Prefects  introduced all of the groups.This was our chance for us to share cultures and Talents. we were going to perform to the audience. we went to our dressing rooms to get dressed. The kapa haka kids had to go to their dressing room at five because the kapa haka people are first one’s on the stage. When  it was seven o'clock that when fiafia  started Jordan and Elizabeth and colin also marilyn help introduced the 18 group performing. When kapa haka kids went on to  the stage our first song was whakataka te hau and utainga then ka pioioi e also we did the haka when the kapa haka group got off we had to sit the longest.

Thursday, 7 April 2016

My Reading Activity

  1. What is Marmite made of? Starts with

  1. List one ingredient in Marmite and insert an image of what it looks like here
             mineral (iron)

  1. After the Christchurch earthquake in 2011 the factory closed. When did it reopen again?    March 20th on 2013    

Friday, 1 April 2016

My Facts about Asterroids

My Easter Weekend

On Friday my Aunty and uncle came to Auckland. We went to the park with my mum dad brothers and sister. On the way home we had something to eat when we went home my mum said that we can have a easter hunt on saturday. When  it was saturday we had an easter hunt because on sunday my Aunty and uncle they had to laeve Ackland about in the mornnig. It was sad to see them leave the house not everyone in my house did not wake up just me. On monday it was fun we had fish & chips we went straight home to have something to eat.

WILF: I can use interesting words and write detailed paragraphs
My writing has an introduction, middle and a conclusion