Friday, 3 November 2017

Research Of An Orchestra.

this week for inquiry then we have been learning about difference kinds if Interments for term 4

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Mereana Statistics and Probability

Mereana Test Prep 2

Mereana fun money

Guess Speaker

This very special day a nice gentlemen came to our school, his name was Mr Patterson. He was talking to us about What would YOU want to be in the future and how to improve your Goal's. One fact of Mr from Mr Patterson he had showed us a a formula a formula that which was showed in the letter's aim
letter's A stands for Aspiration the letter I stands for Inspiration and the letter M stands for Motivation.

Mr patterson showed us a little video of a young boy who was walking to school one day and found a
homeless man sitting by the dairy crying because he had got kicked out of his house. And his relationship was tearing apart he had nothing to eat and no money until a young boy called Willie had walk by and ask him what had happened gave him his lunch and his lunch money for two weeks.

One day when Willie walk past decided to walk to school with Willie when they got to the homeless man had told the school what Willie had done for the homeless man. Now the homeless man has a house and a job.