Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Best Birthday

My best birthday ever on my birthday ever was when i went to rainbow send and then i went home to have my cake then i went to bed and then my dad came home then we went to the park and we had a ice cream  then we went home to bed then to the pool and then we went to the park and we went Home to have my cake and then we went to  water park and we had so much fun and then when i got home my mum was in bed  and i went to the park and then i went to the it was fun .

use your wits

  1. walk a way.
  2. ignore it.
  3. talk about it.
  4. seek help.

5.keep you safe.
6.help you learn.
7.keep you out of trouble.
8.keep our parents
9.so you don’t become a bully
10.if someone be a bully just walk a way.


Last week the year 5 & 6 student  went to Camp on
wednesday the 13th march  and the First day we had to get the water.  Balloon and then we went to pot water in the Balloon and is so hud becauses we had to fill up the water Balloon and my team was the Real

Deal and we was second of the dace and the First team that was  First was the honest squad was the winning team  the did kufupander  and the all stars came last and they   did feeling good and my best friends.

and the next day we went to the pool for the shoura but first we have to have a shura at the pool’s. to have a shura at the I hope you enjoy camp writing.