Wednesday, 3 December 2014

my old women desripstion

“How long have you been standing there?” I wondered as I caught the eye of the crumpled old lady.  As I was eating I could see she had deep channels of time etched into her  wizened surface. She looked undeviating into my eyes when I saw she had keen eyes alight with mischievous youth. She had Cracked lips furling around gums where her teeth once stood. She had  rich indigo velvet, folded carefully to frame her face.

With your Friends.
By Class 13, PES.
Hey, wooohooo!
If I had all the money in the world,
what would I do?
I’d share it with my friends
and give each one a dollar.
Buy them all some shoes
Replace the things they lose,  
buy them something they have broken.
It comes, from your mind, your heart,
That’s where we know it starts,
Images and work we send,
So we know that we are friends.

We would make you laugh,
pull funny faces too,
tell a joke, pull a prank on you you you you.

Hey, have a cup of tea,
play skipping with the Queen
or cricket
with your friends,

When you, talk to Mr Burt,
about friends who have got hurt, he’d say
to the sick bay
With your friends.
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
With your friends.

When we, see someone who’s kind
Decide in our mind
to play nicely
With our friends.

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my best pet

the pig

Far away, the setting sun warmed the farm in a dusky pink glow, as Ley the pig settled in for the night. It had been a very long day. The owner’s name was Rosie Johnson. She was walking down the farm when she saw the pig from the distance. It had a rosy pink snout, that twitched as he sniffed looking for scraps near by. Rosie gazed at Ley’s small eyes. They were shimmering in the bright night sky. They were sharp and inquisitive. Rosie had patches of coarse hair stuck out from his face in tufts. When Rosie stared at Ley she noticed that he was nosy by nature, always wanting to know what was going on around him.
For nearly one hundred years, the farm was had been nestled on the side of hill
next to the babbling was not often
that the farm was quiegtL
tidy packed, bales of hay rested in a neat array.

the water tank stood to attention like three rotund.

rolling hills caught  the long shadows of the late afternoon sun.

the old barn  was home-comforting, cosy and always busy with its

as rosy josen was in the water he was Worried concentration made the pig to frown in ear

worried concentration made the pig to frown in earnest.

his hooves tried to tread the water, but he could hardly stay afloat

Turquoise water lapped at his snout.

panic was setting in as he appeared unable close the gap to land