Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Dead car clean up

WALT: make predictions about a textSuccess Criteria:- use prior learning and details in text to make and confirm predictions

Friday, 2 March 2018

How does a weather change your mood?

How does the weather change  your mood?

When it get cold people don’t really like to get out  of bed.But when it hot some people get angry, annoyed,lazy.How does the weather change your mood? Are you angry when it sunny or sleepy when its cold.

When it's raining I get angry because It ruins my plans and I can’t do anything and when we go somewhere we have to walk or run to the car and by the time we get to the car we are wet.   Do you like it when it’s raining

When it’s sunny some  people get annoyed or angry for me when it’s sunny I feel happy because I can play outside and go places like the beach and the park. Or go to the zoo with them whole family and get hot chips and go out or see lost ones up in the uru pa.  Do you like the sun when it’s out

Windy my mum likes it when it’s windy so she can hang her washing out and they can dry faster.But when it come to me i easily get a cold,sick.Or lazy when it’s windy i don’t like to do anything at home or go anywhere when it to to windy like i said i will get a cold or sick. Do you like it when it’s windy