Friday, 1 April 2016

My Easter Weekend

On Friday my Aunty and uncle came to Auckland. We went to the park with my mum dad brothers and sister. On the way home we had something to eat when we went home my mum said that we can have a easter hunt on saturday. When  it was saturday we had an easter hunt because on sunday my Aunty and uncle they had to laeve Ackland about in the mornnig. It was sad to see them leave the house not everyone in my house did not wake up just me. On monday it was fun we had fish & chips we went straight home to have something to eat.

WILF: I can use interesting words and write detailed paragraphs
My writing has an introduction, middle and a conclusion


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  1. Hi Mereana, that was a really great easter writing. I see you had so much fun. I bet that the easter hunt was fun. who had the most eggs was it you? I wish I was there. I wanted to know if you were tired that morning.