Thursday, 28 May 2015

Jack and the beanstalk

On monday at 1:00pm Jack had a family cow and then he went to the city and then this man came and said Do you want this bean for the cow and then when Jack went home his Mother said get same food from the city and then his Mother thor the bean out said and it was rainy and then the was got tol and tol and tol until it got big to the kalow and then Jack went to have a look and then he went down to have a big and then he went to get same gold. when the Giant looked at Jack he went to try and get Jack and when Jack got down he chop the beanstalk and then the Giant fail and then he died and then Jack run of with the gold. when Jack went up to the beanstalk and he saw a Giant sleeping on the floor and then Jack took a look in the bedroom to fine gold and

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