Wednesday, 27 September 2017

catching flounders

on Wednesday 27th of September.Pt England school went out to the court Mrs Burt gave us steps to do. Before we left we  did the karakia for us and our students when we started to walk the year ones were at the front and the seven and eight were at the back when we go to the  cross we had to  cross at pt England road we were only walking for five minutes.When we got to the reserve we could see our students catching flounder  we supported some. we had to walk over the wet grass we got to a point were had to stand we sang a few waiata we watch as they were catching flounders we could see Tyson walking along the rocks and Mr vogt helping out students to catch some flounder then it was time to go back to school when we were walking our walking our way back to school we had a partner to  talk to.We got to school we sat down in the street.

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