Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Year 6 Camp - Kawau Island

On Tuesday November the 15th year 6 students went off to Kawau Island for camp. And when we went to camp the year 5s went to motat.When the buses arrived we hopped on and off we went it wasn't that long to sandspit  well maybe but it didn’t feel like It when we arrived  at sandspit we had to wait for the ferry So when we were waiting we got all the bags of the bus and took it to this tiny shed.

When the ferry arrived the teachers loaded the fairy then we all hop on the fairy and off we went.We were so excited to go to kawau island.When we arrived at kawau we unloaded the ferry and took our bags to the front of the cabins.

The second night we played spot light it was fun the kids had to hide and the teachers had to find us. Then mr jacobson would blow his trumpet then we would go back the winners would on the deck and wait for Mr Jacobson to tell to stand up in a line.

My favorite Activity was sailing it was fun. When Mr Goodwin said tiller to the sail it means when you turn your tiller it will turn the boat feel like you will tip out and it's funny.

Every morning for breakfast we had porridge, cornflakes, rice bubble and hot food also  milo When we finished having breakfast we had to clean up the dining room.

On the last night we had a concert night there were 4 groups Mansion, Bentzon, Kawau and Katz. My group name was mansion we up one by one then Mr jacobson and Ms takarei were the judges.

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