Monday, 21 November 2016

the Bush

In the Bush there were too people walking in the dark. and they had get fast but as they were walking they saw a bright light coming towards them. They stopped and stared for a second. they were getting the creeps up their arms. But they just kept walking home as they were walking they heard a big bang. They turned around looked where it came from it was a spaceship that just came from out of space. As the spaceship door came out alien going destroy the word and the too human started to run  home. and when they got home they locked all the doors and closed the windows and they were safe.

The next day for a walk in the Bush were the big bang. Was they forgot about the too aliens and the spaceship. Until they saw a big hole in the ground they were the aliens parked their spaceship they.Fort that the aliens were going to get more and more aliens to destroy the word so they ran to the. City and told everyone it was even on the news saying that the alien were going to destroy the word.

When they told everyone they they really felt better that they told everyone and so that the people. Know what to do when the aliens show aging they will be ready the too. People were when the too. people were walking they saw the spaceship but no aliens in the ship at the house were the aliens the too peeple.

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