Friday, 2 September 2016

Hiwi the kiwi

One day me and my dad went fishing at Kawakawa beach. We brought my dad’s boat  to go fishing before we got on the boat we put our life jackets on. When we got on the boat we went half way from Shore After we caught a fish we measured it. It was too long so we put the fish back in the water.

Half an hour later my dad had a bite he quickly wound his rod in. It was  a marlin  I was so happy. I went to get a wet towel. I got the fish of the hook and I gave it to my dad and he measured it. It was the  right size so we put it  in a big chili bin and took it home for dinner. Then we went home to cook the fish when the fish was ready we sat down and eat the fish it was so yummy.

The fish was really nice so we went out the next day we caught two same fishes. Then we went home to cook it but when we went home.Some of our family was  so when my mum and Aunty was cooking the fish the rest of us went to the back yard and played tigge. there

Walt: Narrate a story about Kai Moana that teaches others things we need to remember

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