Friday, 6 May 2016

My holiday writing

In the holiday I went to the park we had so much fun  on the way home we got some Mcdonald. When we got to Mcdonalds,I had a Big mac but I didn’t eat it all. I ate the rest when I got home
The next day me and my mum and brother went for a walk around the lagoon. When we were halfway we played at the park for two minutes. when to minutes was up mum said we had to keep walking. When we got to the car we went to count down  to get us something to eat.

One day I went to my Aunty house when I went inside My Auntys house my Auntys dog came out of the house she jumped  on me. I fell back and  she licked my face. when I got up  I went inside to say  hi to my cousins for dinner we had Burger king.

Walt: Recount our experience of our holiday or Immersion Assembly

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